Hyderabad: We live in a fast moving world where we are hard pressed for time. If sedentary lifestyle is one concern, another critical problem is trying to feed yourself healthy food that keeps you going through the hectic day. While a few of us can afford the luxury of hiring a cook, others reach out to food delivery apps. More often than not, we end up ordering food that's appetising (read junk food). Not many of us really care about ordering healthy food every other day. If we are eating out, then it should be tasty. Realising the need for food that's both tasty and healthy and to cater to the busy people on the go, Hyderabad based start-up

Mangamma foods private Limited (MFPL), has forayed into the ‘Ready2cook’ segment under the brand name “ammamma’s”.

Ammamma's offers a range of fresh food that's both healthy and tasty. Even though the brand is targeting the Hyderabad market in South India, it realises the need for something that's wholesome in terms of nutrition. Ammamma's manufactures interesting variants in Chapati, poori and parota.

The food unit is situated near Kukatpally in Hyderabad with an initial investment of Rs 25 lakh on Ammamma’s food products which aims to provide around 40,000 chapatis/pooris/parotas on a daily basis.

Nagasai Viswanath, Co-Founder of MFPL is not an amateur in business. He has successfully managed businesses in India and Africa. Elaborating on the products, he says that the company is offering a range of ready to cook packed products which are high in fiber and nutrition. Talking about poori, he says that they are low oil absorbing. The other product in offer are Chapatis with different nutrition values—Plain Chapati, Ragi Chapati, Methi Chapati, Multi-grain Chapati and Moringa Chapati. The band also makes Parotas, one of the most popularly consumed food by both North Indians and South Indians.

So, how much does Ammamma's products cost?

The average cost of each Chapati is at Rs 7/- a piece, says Viswanath, adding that ‘Ammamma’s Chapati is made of 100 per cent whole wheat chakki fresh atta and prepared strictly as per the food products guidelines from food authorities. Ammamma's ready to cook have a shelf life of seven days.

Viswanath had earlier worked as Business Head/Country Head for Globacom, a telecom company in Ghana and he also worked with companies including Coca Cola, SAB-Miller, Marico Industries and Parle Biscults..

Founders of the company were trained and awarded the technology transfer by CFTRI, Mysore to make and serve products with quality and longer shelf life.

“We believe that Quality gives us continuous business and revenue,” says the founder.

Currently supplying to more than 30,000 houses, their products are accessible to more than 50,000 household/flats in different gated communities and apartments, he informed.

So, what's the target group?

The products will soon be available in organized retail across Hyderabad and the brand wants to primarily target gated communityand multi-storeyed apartments besides hotels, hospitals, and educations institutions.

There are many Chapati makers on the street and partially mechanized, very few are able to sell beyond a small geographical area within Hyderabad.


There is no competitor in this segment under organized sector, except ID Fresh food. We are producing locally sampled ready2cook food with high nutrition value, states Vishwanatg.

This segment has huge potential and we hope to reach one lakh units by this year end and double in next two-years, he added.

The company will raise funds for expansion of the unit as and when the demand goes up.

Business Model: Encouraging entrepreneurs

The brand will primarily be driven by the promotion of entrepreneurs who could invest as low as Rs 2,500 to cater to the communities they live in or around them.

We are looking forward to make a difference by contributing to the food needs of working women, senior citizens and for those looking for healthy but quick ways to cook meals and snacks.

Want to be an entrepreneur? Here's your chance...

Co-founder of the company, Prathima Viswanath, said that customers can book their bulk orders on App and also on whatsapp no. 93478 15723

For other queries Contact : 91217 73060 & 90109 90190