Russia Online Advertising Market Outlook To 2023: Ken Research

Russia Online Advertising Market Outlook To 2023: Ken Research - Sakshi Post

The report titled “Russia Online Advertising Market Outlook to 2023 by Medium (Desktop and Mobile), by Type of Online Advertisement Buying and Selling (Non-Programmatic and Programmatic), by Type of Online Advertisement (Performance and Branding), by Sector (Retail and E-commerce, FMCG, Electronics, Automotive, Finance, Pharmaceuticals, Travel, Real Estate and others)” provides a comprehensive analysis of Russian Online Advertising market including market introduction, market ecosystem, value chain, market size and market segmentation. The report also covers emerging growth drivers and trends; issues and challenges; decision making parameters; competitive landscape of major players, future industry analysis, upcoming business models, government regulations and analyst recommendations. The report concludes with future market projection and analyst recommendations highlighting the major opportunities and cautions.

Market Overview

Russia online advertisement market is currently placed in growth stage with strong possibility for further development at a faster pace with positive trends expected in the industry. Moreover, the market has witnessed a strong growth in the past six years owing to growth in the number of internet and mobile users, rising trends of social media use, growth in e-commerce market, surge in programmatic advertisements, new metrics development, growth in Smartphone market, and launch of various innovative products by various publishers. The online advertising expenditure witnessed by online advertising market in Russia registered a positive double digit CAGR of around 20.7% during the period 2012-2018.

Market Segmentation:

By Medium (Desktop and Mobile): Online advertising majorly has two medium including desktop and mobile. Desktop contributed majority expenditure share in 2018.This has been followed by mobile advertisements. Availability of client-side tracking such as number of clicks and impressions, the connection speed of fiber-optic broadband network, bigger screen size and other relevant factors have led desktop advertising in 2018 to be majorly dominant.

By Type of Online Advertisement: In 2018, performance based advertisements has dominated the online advertisement market in Russia followed by branding advertisements. The performance based advertisement market observed a shift from search performance advertisements to CPx advertisements during 2013-2018. The branding advertisement saw a decline in the study period of 2013-2018 due to the fall in demand for banner advertisements. Advertisers shifted their demand from traditional banner advertisements to more interactive advertisement options including video and CPx models.

By Type of Online Advertisement Buying and Selling: The Russian online advertisement saw a rise in the use of programmatic buying and selling of advertisements in 2018 as advertisers became aware of the reach and advantages of the programmatic technology. However, The Russia online advertisement market was largely dominated by non-programmatic advertisements.The programmatic advertisement buying and selling has been gaining popularity due to optimal and efficient placement of advertisements online.

By Sector: The major sectors advertising online include Retail and E-commerce, FMCG,

Electronics, Automotive, Finance, Pharmaceuticals, Travel, Real Estate and others.Retail contributed majority expenditure share in online advertising in 2018 followed by FMCG, electronics, automotive, finance, pharmaceuticals, travel, real estate and others.The major segments including retail, FMCG, electronics and automotive have shifted to programmatic advertisement.

Competitive Landscape in Russia Online Advertising Market: The Russia online advertisement market is highly concentrated with major advertising platforms in Russia belonging to companies with Russian origin. Yandex, Google, and Facebook are the major players in online advertising in Russia. The platforms compete on the basis of reach of their advertisements, insights, target audience, flexibility and cost.The major differentiating parameter amongst the competitors is their use of Russian-language morphology-based search capabilities.

Russia Online Advertising Market Future Outlook and Projections

Online advertising market in Russia is rapidly growing, with expectations of online advertisement revenue surpassing other mediums of advertisement including television. In future, it is anticipated that the online advertising expenditure will increase at a CAGR of 20.5% during the period 2018-2023E. The growth in the online advertisement market in Russia will be augmented by the increase in internet penetration in the country; increased use of Smartphone’s to access the internet and rising social media usage. Advertisers from Banking, Automotive and Real Estate are expected to increase the greatest share of their advertisement spend on online platforms. The advertisers in the market are expected to shift their mode of advertisements from the offline platforms to the online platforms as it facilitates an easy quantification of return on investments. The better and improved technology including programmatic advertisements, native advertisements, geo targeting, hyper localized targeting will augment the revenue generated in the market. The rise in development of more creative and impactful advertisements by agencies is expected to increase the expenditure of advertisers online.

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