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The report titled “South Africa Fitness Service Market Outlook to 2023 – By Market Structure (Organized and Unorganized), By Revenue Streams (Membership Fee and Personal Training), by Membership Subscription Package (1 Month, 3 Months, 6 Months & 12 Months), by Provinces and by Gender” provides a comprehensive analysis of fitness services market of South Africa. The report covers the market overview, the business cycle, ecosystem, emerging growth drivers and trends; issues and challenges; customer pain points and decision making parameters, competitive the landscape of players in the organized sector and government regulations. The report concludes with the market projection and analysis recommendations highlighting the major opportunities and cautions.

Market Overview

The fitness services market has experienced a positive single-digit CAGR during 2013 to 2018. South Africa Fitness Service Market is at the growth stage witnessing a cut-throat competition amongst players in the unorganized & organized sectors. Due to the prevalence of few health problems including diabetes, obesity, hypertension, cholesterol, and others in South Africa, there has been an increased demand for fitness services as people have become more health-conscious and aware. The prevalence of obesity was observed to be higher in the urban regions as compared to the rural regions in South Africa due to the higher consumption of junk food. The need for fitness services providers is required more in areas such as Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, and other urban areas.

In South Africa, the consumers spending witnessed a decline in 2017 due to the recession in the country. The fitness service market is still expected to recover in the next 5 years with expected slow revenue growth by 2023.

Market Segmentation

By Market Structure: The organized fitness centers dominated the fitness industry in South Africa in terms of revenue and number of subscribers in 2018. Organized chains such as Virgin Active, Planet Fitness and Zone Fitness have dominated the market in terms of revenue generation in 2018. The unorganized centers have been in a better position to enter the fitness industry due to reasonably priced membership plans and easier to set up an unorganized fitness center as compared to the organized ones.

By Revenue Streams: In South Africa, the major portion of the revenue is generated from the Gym membership. The Gym Membership segment dominated the fitness market due to the availability of premium and diverse services, such as Yoga, High-Intensity Interval Training, Swimming pool, sauna, steam, and many others, at affordable membership packages. Personal Training accounted for small revenue in the South Africa Fitness Services Market.

By Membership Subscription (1 Month, 3 Months, 6 Months and 12 Months): The annual membership packages are the major revenue-generating streams as the customers find the annual membership packages more pocket-friendly as compared to the other membership packages. The second major revenue-generating stream is the 6 months membership package, which is followed by 3 months. The 1-month membership packages are expensive as compared to the other packages due to which clients tend to opt for these packages less often.

By Provinces: In South Africa, the majority of the fitness centers have been registered in Gauteng province. This province is followed by KwaZulu-Natal which has the second-highest number of fitness centers in the country. The least number of fitness centers have been registered in the province Free State and Northern Cape.

By Gender: The market for fitness services in South Africa has been driven slightly more by the male population. The female penetration in the fitness industry is low due to the lack of female-specific fitness centers in South Africa. The rise in disposable income of working mothers will give them the motivation to join fitness gyms which will result in a rise in female membership subscriptions and will drive the share of female membership in the future.

Competitive Landscape

The competition in the South African fitness industry is highly concentrated in terms of revenue generated and membership subscriptions, with the top 10 major fitness services players capturing the major portion of the market share in 2018. The major parameters on the basis of which the players in the market compete includes technological advancement and equipment, variety in services and facilities offered, experienced and qualified fitness personnel, membership packages in terms of different durations and prices, offers and discounts, marketing strategies, personal training services and timings of classes. Major players operating in the market include Virgin Active, Planet Fitness, Zone Fitness, Curves Fitness, Gym Company, Bodytec, Go Health Gym, Viva Gym, Motion Fitness, Moove Motion Fitness and others.

South Africa Fitness Services Market Future Outlook and Projections

In the long run, it has been anticipated that the South Africa Fitness Service market would register a slow growth at a single digit CAGR during the period 2018 to 2023. The growth would be slow in the next five years due to the recession and low economic conditions of the consumers. Growth during this period is expected to be supported by an increase in the number of fitness centers in the untapped regions, growth in consumer spending, increase in population under the age bracket 15 - 44 years and a boost in the personal training services offered by the fitness service centers in the market.

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