Over the last 20 years we have fine-tuned the art and craft of manufacturing and marketing ice cream. Our learnings got sharpened as our relationship evolved over the years with thousands of ice cream lovers. Our understanding of the changing consumer tastes and preferences helped us to stay connected as we emerged wiser to serve their needs.

With an investment of INR 15 Crores and with an installed capacity to produce 1900 litres ice cream per hour, Dumont has the flexibility to expand and scale up its production to met high demands.

The factory is located on the countryside of Vijayawada over a 2 acre land.

The distribution is supported by a network of 10 cold storage facilities that are equipped to handle large volumes.

We are in process of setting up a manufacturing facility in Hyderabad with an estimated capital of 15 crores within the next year or two.

Our focus is on high quality product offering based on superior quality and committed R&D investments. We have set high benchmarks in all aspects of the product journey from the factory to the consumer palate.

The difference in any ice cream is the flavour and ingredients that go into making it delicious.

Our most striking point of difference is the NEW and SURPRISING flavours that our R&D has successfully crafted that are not available in the market in India. Some are highly creative while some are classic. We travelled the world for inspiration from cuisines across the globe.

The choice and selection of ingredients is our speciality. Country side farm fresh milk, fruits from authentic sources where they are grown (anywhere in India). We also import a few ingredients from renowned sources in order to achieve the finest taste results in the end product.

Dumont has a well organised logistics system with 25cold storage vehicles to reach the product intact to markets across various cities in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.Dumont is designed to be future readyFlavour, taste, ingredients, recipe and quality shall always remain the core differentiation of Dumont. Our R&D will consistently roll out new offerings (not available in the market) to consumers periodically. Some of the offerings include Blueberry Cheesecake, Caramelized Pineapple, Choco Orange, Maple & Raisins, Kheer, Thai Tea.

Dumont brand is being built aggressively through highly targeted marketing strategies that will achieve visibility, consumer friendliness and engagement. Investment will be consistent in building a strong brand image.

Promising Market Potential

The market size of flavoured milk and ice creams combined is more than Rs 6000 cr and the expected growth rate is around 30% CAGR which is phenomenal. Retailing in different formats such as milkshake parlours, retail shops and supermarkets, presence in malls and multiplexes, etc promises a tremendous potential and opportunity to our Dumont.

Dumont will also be available at university campuses for easy access to students.

Whilst metro markets are an obvious market, we are aggressively penetrating Tier 2 and 3 towns that are emerging as highly promising sources.

Dumont retailing will be combination of own outlets and franchised outlets.

Initially we start with 20 outlets and expand to 100 outlets within a year.

By end of year 3 we expect to reach 200 outlets.