The report titled “Indonesia ATM Managed Service Market Outlook to 2023 - By ATMs (On-Site ATM, Off-Site ATM, Mobile ATMs), by Service (Cash Management Services, ATM Repair & Maintenance, ATM Site Maintenance & Others- Journal Management & ATM Reconciliation), By ATM Machine (Cash Dispensers, Cash Recyclers) and By Cash Management Services (Cash Replenishment Service, Cash-in-Transit, Others - Cash Processing, Cash Vaulting & Cash Forecasting)” covers market size by revenue generated by managed service providers along with market segmentation by service offerings (from cash management services, ATM repair and maintenance, ATM site maintenance services and others including journal management and ATM reconciliation), by type of ATMs (On-site, off-site, Mobile ATMs), by ATM Machine (Cash Dispensers, Cash Recyclers) and by service offerings of Cash Management Companies (Cash Replenishment Service, Cash-in-Transit & Other services including cash processing, cash vaulting & cash forecasting) for the period 2013-2023. Comprehensive analysis on growth drivers, issues and challenges, recent trends and developments, cost components, decision-making parameters and competitive the landscape of players (Diebold Nixdorf, NCR Corporation, SSI (Swadharma Sarana Informatika), Bringin Gigantara, Advantage, Kejar, G4S, Abacus, and TAG) has been presented in the report along with the future analysis. The interpretation explores ATM Supply Market and ATM Cash Management Services Market as detailed market-snapshots, future outlook & projections along with analyst recommendation & macroeconomic variables highlighting the major opportunities & caution to the reader. This report will particularly help the readers to identify the ongoing trends and anticipated growth in the future depending upon changing industry dynamics in upcoming years.

Indonesia ATM Managed Services Market Summary

Market Overview: Indonesia ATM Managed Service Market has witnessed strong growth spurred by an increase in number of cash dispensing machines & cash recycling machines; fall in the prices charged by managed service providers, entry of new players in the industry & an increase in the number of bank branches between the review periods. The market is currently placed in a growth stage with a strong possibility for further development at a faster pace with positive trends expected in the industry. The market size by revenue witnessed a five-year CAGR of close to 6% during the review period (2013-2018). Profitability associated with ATM managed services is highly correlated with multiple factors such as improving the process of cash withdrawals in the ATM, introducing a new breed of ATM machines, improvement in customer retention schemes and relationships for longer contracts. All of the above mentioned factors along with the initiatives taken by Bank Indonesia in the country have positively affected the ATM Managed Service demand in Indonesia.

Market Segmentation

By Service Offerings (Cash Management Service, ATM Repair & Maintenance, ATM Site Maintenance and Others- Journal Management & ATM Reconciliation)

ATM Managed Service Market incorporates various services such as Cash Management Services, ATM repair & maintenance services, ATM site maintenance service and other services such as journal management & ATM reconciliation. Cash Management Services which includes cash replenishment, cash in transit, cash processing, cash vaulting, and other cash related services contributed majority share in 2018. ATM repair & maintenance contributed second highest share to the total revenues in 2018. This was followed by revenues generated by ATM site maintenance which includes services related to housekeeping, security, cleanliness, lighting, etc.

By Type of machines (Cash Recyclers and Cash Dispensers)

In Indonesia, ATM machines are primarily of two types which are Cash dispensing machines and cash recyclers. Presently, the total number of cash recycler machines operating in Indonesia was evaluated at close to 21,000. However, a number of cash dispensing machines operating in Indonesia was observed to be taking higher share. Although, banks have been upgrading their cash dispensing machines to cash recycler’s as they provide a bunch of services apart from cash withdrawals including cash deposit, funds transfer, statement inquiry, bill payment, and others.

By Service offerings of Cash Management Companies (Cash Replenishment Service, Cash-in-Transit, Others - Cash Processing, Cash vaulting, & Cash Forecasting)

Major services offered by the cash management companies include ATM replenishment, cash-in-transit, cash processing, cash vaulting and cash forecasting. Cash management service companies generate the highest share of their revenue through ATM replenishment service. Other Services such as cash processing, cash vaulting contributed the second largest share. Cash-in-transit contributed the third largest share to the total revenues from cash management services in 2018.

Competitive Landscape in Indonesia ATM Managed Services Market: The competition in the industry has been concentrated among the managed service providers in the country. There has been a surge in demand for ATM Managed Services over the past few years as the banks are now consistently focusing on being competent in their core services. This enables them to outsource ATM-related services to managed service providers for greater efficiency. Players are competing with each other on the basis of technological advancement in equipment, type, and number of equipment facilitated, a gamut of service offered, and duration of service level agreement number and pricing of contracts offered.

Indonesia ATM Managed Services Market Future Outlook and Projections: Indonesia ATM Managed Service Market has been anticipated to grow to register a CAGR of close to 5% from 2018 to 2023. The growth will be supported by the increase in the number of cash recyclers & cash dispensers which are expected to grow at a CAGR of close to 6% and 1% respectively during the same. Increase in white label ATM penetration in remote areas, growing demand for outsourcing management services by banks and a surge in cash withdrawals from ATM will act as tailwinds for market growth in the future.