Hyderabad: “ by 2050 only Brazil China and the state of Telangana will not face water crisis ” asserted Sri V. Prakash Rao Chairman – Telangana Water Resources Development Corporation during an event on Sustainable Water Resources Management to meet Hyderabad City demands organized by The Federation of Telangana Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FTCCI) at FTCCI Surana Auditorium, Red Hills, Hyderabad.

India is facing the worst water crisis in its history, and 21 Indian cities will run out of groundwater by 2020, a new report from the NITI Aayog – a government think tank – said, highlighting the need for “urgent and improved” management of water resources. With nearly 600 million Indians facing high-to-extreme water stress – where more than 40 percent of the annually available surface water is used every year – and about 200,000 people dying every year due to inadequate access to safe water, the situation is likely to worsen as the demand for water will exceed the supply by 2050.

The Programme was very topical since India is ranked 120 among 122 countries which is in need of water resources and sources.

“ We are constantly creating greater awareness on preserving and conserving water in the state as water is not equitable distributed . With more population Indian and China has access to just 4% and 6% while Brazil with less population has access to 19% of world clean water . There is an urgent need to redesign our lakes bunds in response to global warming and rain pattern ” added Sri V. Prakash Rao

Interesting insights were shared by Sri M .Veeranna former Southern Regional Director CGWB. This was followed by insightful technical sessions participated b Dr. M. Sataynaraana ED HMWS&SB on surface water resources availability in the city of Hyderabad; Dr D. Subba Rao – Regional Director Central Ground Water Board on Ground Water supply position and present situation; Dr. Solomon Raj- Project Coordinator SACI Water on surface water bodies and lakes.

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