Hyderabad: The Federation of Telangana Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FTCCI) in association U.S. Consulate General Hyderabad organized a Talk by Mr. David Livingston Deputy Director - Climate & Advanced Energy Global Energy Center, Atlantic Council on Trade and Industrial Policy in the Energy Transition at 15.00 hrs at FTCCI Surana Auditorium, Red Hills, Hyderabad.

The rise of renewable energy has complicated many of the longstanding dynamics in the relationship between trade and energy. In the traditional fossil fuel based economy, there are “haves” and “have nots,” and both the suppliers of fossil fuels (such as oil) and the consumers of such energy sources have had a tacit interest in ensuring the free, uninterrupted flow of energy in global markets.

Renewable energy, on the other hand, at least in theory offers a more “democratized” energy paradigm, one in which conceivably any country can deploy the infrastructure necessary to convert “free” and abundant resources, such as sun and wind, into productive energy.

As renewables increase their role in various national energy mixes, will countries’ incentives change with respect to trade, protectionism, and industrial policy in the energy sector? For example, are recent tariffs on imported solar panels put in place by India and the United States a harbinger of things to come as more countries seek to create conditions conducive to “indigenizing” the production of renewable energy technologies?

The Programme was very topical since The Government of India has identified power sector as a key sector of focus so as to promote sustained industrial growth. Indian power sector is undergoing a significant change that has redefined the industry outlook. Sustained economic growth continues to drive electricity demand in India. The Government of India’s focus on attaining ‘Power for all’ has accelerated capacity addition in the country.

The Inaugural Session of the Programme began with a Welcome Address by Smt. Khati Amol CEP FTCCI . Welcoming the audience and dignitaries Smt. Khyati said “ with Global degradation there is an urgent need for Green development with a sustainable model I am sure this session will give some thoughts and direction for a green transition ”

Interesting insights were shared by Sri Ajay Mishra, I.A.S Special Chief Secretary Department of Energy, Govt. of Telangana. Sri Ajay Mishra said “ when the new state was formed in 2014 everyone predicted it will be a dark state!! Then industry had 2 days power cut and rural areas were given power for just 6- hours with frequent power cuts. In just 6 months Telangana State was giving 24/7 power to Urban areas with no cuts to Industry and by 2018 the state is providing 24/7 power to all sectors and free power to Agriculture sector !!.

The state unlike other states went for decentralization for power generation and we have 233 locations in the state for generating power. 1-15 MW power is produced in 18 locations, 1-50 MW in 39 locations, 51-100 MW in locations and 143 MW in one location. The state of Telangana is now number 2 in the country in commissioned Solar supply. The state is coming with a new solar policy soon ”

The talk by Mr. David Livingston indeed POWERful . Mr. David Livingston said “ the future Geopolitics will be driven b Electrified systems. Oil economy dominated the global politics last century, in the coming days Electrified economy and systems will rule. I heard a lot of the state of Telangana since my visit to India for the last 10 days. Its remarkable for the state to become power surplus from a deficient state. I am impressed the way it has been achieved and would like to know more details from the officials”

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