Mega Power Infra For KLIP, Works Completed By MEIL In Record Time

India’s leading infrastructure company MEIL completed the construction of the largest power supply system for irrigation sector in record time - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: India’s leading infrastructure company MEIL completed the construction of the largest power supply system for irrigation sector in record time. The power requirement of the prestigious Kaleshwaram lift irrigation project is 4627 megawatts out of which MEIL has taken up the power supply works for about 3057 megawatts and completed on a war footing. This tremendous achievement of executing and completing work within the time frame created a history in power infrastructure. The KLIP is the biggest and largest lift irrigation project in the world which requires maximum power equal to all North Eastern states’ power consumption and more than that of the consumption of many states.

Mr.Pravin Sharad Dixit, Vice President, Power, MEIL stated that “The KLIP power infrastructure includes six 400KV and 220KV substations, 7 KMs of 400 KV XLPE under Ground Cable and 260 kilometres transmission lines established within two years of time. This is another record in the country for completion of power substations and transmission in the shortest period. MEIL has established the substations for all packages except package 6, 12 and 14. The company established substations to serve 43 pump houses in Medigadda, Annaram, Sundilla, Package 8, 10, 11. The works began with Ramadugu Substation in 2017 and completed all the substation works by May 2019.”

Equal to the consumption of NE states

The power requirement for KLIP is highest among all the lift irrigation projects in the world and equal to the consumption of many Indian states. Telangana state’s total power consumption is about 15,087 megawatts and KLIP will consume over 25 per cent of this. Against the infrastructure requirement for 4627.24 megawatts of power to the KLIP, MEIL has taken constructed the infrastructure to supply 3057 megawatts of power. The states of Jammu and Kashmir and Uttarakhand consume 3428 and 3356 megawatts of power respectively. This power requirement is equal to that of Himachal Pradesh and Bihar. This infrastructure is also equal to the whole of North-Eastern states’ power infra of 3916 megawatts. Similarly, Greater Hyderabad requires 3000 megawatts of power in summer which is lesser than that of KLIP power requirement.

Power to Biggest underground pumping station

The world’s biggest underground pumping station, KLIP’s Package is built by MEIL with extraordinary standards. In this pump house, there are seven motors with a capacity of 139 megawatts- the highest capacity in the world called Bahubali Motors. MEIL established a substation with a capacity of 400/13.8/11 KV at Ramadugu to supply power to these biggest motors in the world. MEIL also established 18 kilometre 400KV QMDC transmission lines. This transmission line works were executed within a year’s time and were charged on May 6th this year. MEIL laying 7 KMs of 400 KV XLPE under Ground Cables said Mr.Pravin Sharad Dixit, Vice President, Power, MEIL.

The 400/220/11 KV Sundilla substation which supplies power to 9 units of 360 megawatts capacity in Sundilla pump house was completed much before schedule. From this mega substation, power will be supplied to 220KV Annaram, 220KV Sundilla substations. The Sundilla substation works began in July 2017 and were completed by July 18, 2018.

MEIL established 220KV substation at Annaram and 28-kilometre TMDC transmission line to supply power to Annaram pump house which includes 8 units with 320 megawatts capacity. The 220 KV Medigadda substation works and 80-kilometre TMDC transmission line works were completed in record time. These works commenced in April 2017 and were completed in record time by September 2018.

The 400/11 KV Tippapur station is established to supply power to 4 units of 425 megawatts capacity in Package 10. MEIL also completed the transmission line works of the 46.115-kilometre line from Ramadugu substation and 19.096-kilometre QMDC line from Chandulapur. These substation works were begun in November 2017 and completed by April 29th 2019. The 400/13.8/11 KV substation at Chandulapur is aimed at supplying the power to the four units with a capacity of 542 megawatts in Package 11 Ranganayakasagar pumphouse in Siddipet district. The 54.18 kilometres transmission line from Bhoopalapally KTPC to Chandulapur substation via Gajwel substation works were also completed in record time by MEIL. The work began in May 2017 and was completed and charged on May 6th 2019.

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