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The report titled “UK Executive MBA Market Outlook to 2023 - By Type of Program (Structured and Customized), By Electives, By Blended Learning (Online & Offline and only Offline), By Program Duration and By Course Type (Part Time only, Full Time only or Either Full or Part Time)” provides a comprehensive analysis on the Executive MBA Industry of UK.

The report covers various aspects including introduction on Executive MBA market, business cycle, issues and challenges, trends and developments, SWOT analysis, competitive landscape and government regulations. The report concludes with market projection and analyst recommendations highlighting the major opportunities and cautions.Market Overview UK Executive MBA market is at the growing stage.

UK Executive MBA market in terms of revenue has increased at a positive CAGR during the period 2013-2018. This growth was supported by the increase in number of professionals who wish to pursue these courses while continuing their job, along with rising demand for customized programmes in the country, wherein market players catered to the needs of the clients by designing a specific curriculum.

The applicants of EMBA in the market are driven by the brand value of the institution along with its tie ups and career advancements of the alumni UK Executive MBA Market Segmentation By Type of Program (Structured and Customized): The applicants of EMBA Program are professionals, who choose to pursue the course alongside their full time job, therefore these people prefer a customized program over a structured one as they want to enhance a particular skill set.

As a result customized programs dominate the EMBA market.By Electives Offered: Most of the business colleges in UK offer 0-10 electives which constitute a major share in the EMBA Market. These electives provide more flexibility to the students and enable them to customize their program according to their needs. There are very few colleges in UK that offer more than 10 electives.

By Blended Learning: The EMBA programs offered are mostly offline in nature as management training can be more easily offered in an environment where the students get a real life experience of the business scenario. Many colleges believe that offline programs gives the advantage of better management in terms of cohort interaction, focus group learning, exploiting culture diversity and understanding viewpoints of fellow colleagues in a much better way.

The percentage of offline and online programs accounted a mere share in the overall UK Executive MBA market in the year 2018. By Program Duration: The majority of the share has been accounted by the programmes which are having duration of less than or equal to 24 months. However, most of the EMBA students are already working in their desired field of choice, therefore they choose to study part time.

Part time course leads to take more time than a full time course due to which programmes which have duration of more than 24 months also accounted an enormous share in the market.Competitive Landscape The UK Executive MBA market is moderately concentrated.

London School of Economics and Political Science is the market leader and has the highest market share in the Executive MBA market in UK on the basis of revenue in 2018. This was followed by University of Cambridge, London Business School, University of Oxford, University of Warwick and others.

These market players compete on the basis of types of program offered (structured/customizable), faculty, fee structure, strategic alliances, number of electives offered, placements and alumni network.

UK Executive MDP Future Outlook In future, it is anticipated that UK Executive MBA market in terms of revenue will increase at a positive CAGR during the period 2018 – 2023E. Hybrid EMBA programs are expected to increase in future with the demand for online integrated programs being more convenient for the enrollees.

An increased awareness among the working professionals and the dynamic changes in the business environment will motivate the professionals to take up this program. Evident salary hike after completion of MBA courses will further lead to surge in the demand of Executive MBA in the country.

In addition to this, it is anticipated that customized courses will continue to be preferred by the business professionals over the structured ones in future as well.

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