At the root of modern day entrepreneurship is creative innovation. Hyderabad-based Pulsus Group is the brainchild of its CEO Dr Srinubabu Gedela, whose excellence in scientific literature transformed it into an organization with a turnover of Rs 1,300 crores. Pulsus Group employs over 5,000 employees, across its offices in London, Chennai, Gurugram and Hyderabad.

Exemplifying the highest standards in research integrity in publishing work in medical research since 1984, Pulsus is a medical peer-review publisher with a diverse publishing portfolio in all major Science, Technology and Medical journals. The organization's works include collection, archival and monitoring of Individual Case Study Reports, studies with reference to four phases of clinical research and development of existing and emerging molecules, adverse drug reaction reports, effectiveness and risk factors assessment.

Since its inception, Pulsus received the endorsements of the medical associations and industries of international reputation. This support allowed Pulsus Group to gain excellent reputation from the scientific and industrial community and bridge relations between industries and practicing physicians.

Recently, the organization signed an MoU with Uttar Pradesh government to establish 1000 seats global scientific literature language transformation center and skill development & global scientific healthcare information translation facility in Noida. Also, Pulsus specializes in translating scientific and healthcare information into regional languages of Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil, Gujarati and Bengali, in which 75 per cent of Indians are believed to be searching for information.

Conducting more than 500 global meetings per year across the world, Dr Srinubabu enables physicians and industry professionals come together and take conclusive steps towards advanced therapeutics and treatment aspects through the meetings. In addition to its presence in Asia Pacific, Middle East and America, Pulsus plans to expand to Europe. To establish its operations in new markets like Germany, Spain, Netherlands, France and Portugal, Pulsus inked an agreement with 25 scientific and healthcare societies.

With an eye to create another 1,000 jobs in Hyderabad, Dr Srinubabu plans to provide the backend Knowledge Process Outsource (KPO) support services. Making Rs 900 crores abroad per annum and Rs 400 crores domestically, Pulsus plans to go in for an IPO by 2021. In the near future, the peer-review publisher plans to take the employee tally to 10,000.

About the CEO

Born in a middle class family in Burja mandal in Srikakulam district, Dr Srinubabu studied in a local school, pursued his B. Pharm and M. Tech in Biotechnology from Andhra University, where he did his Ph.D in 'Application of Mathemetical Models To Detect Diabetes Early'.

Later, he was invited to Stanford University for conducting research on Prostate Cancer using his mathemetical models. He forged out on his own to begin his first open access journal, Journal of proteomics & Bioinformatics, before setting up Omics International Pvt Ltd, to make healthcare and scientific information open access.

Dr Srinubabu was awarded the young scientist award from Human Proteome Organization at Seoul, Korea in 2007 for his findings on the difficulties faced by scholars. Omics International expanded into a publishing group with 1000 scientific and healthcare journals, and 50,000 scientific research articles published annually. In 2015, Omics partnered with Pulsus HealthTech with a vision to provide services in HealthTech, health informatics, medical publishing and Pharmacovigilance services.