Botsa is a disciple who trampled his mentor: Sharmila

Botsa is a disciple who trampled his mentor: Sharmila - Sakshi Post

YSR Congress Party leader Sharmila launched a broadside attack on PCC Chief Botsa Satyanarayana. Referring to the PCC chief, Sharmila termed him as a disciple who trampled his mentor. She was addressing a gathering at Nellimarla constituency on Saturday morning.

Botsa could not be in politics without the help of Penumatsa Sambasiva Raju. But Botsa has the audacity to ask 'who is Samba Siva Raju'? "Botsa Guruvunu minchina Shishyudu kaadu, Guruvanu munchina Shishyudu," she said. It means Botsa is not a disciple who surpassed his mentor but a disciple who trampled his mentor. 

Penumatsa Sambasiva Raju has served the Congress party for more than 30 years and has been elected MLA for 8 times. He quit the party and joined Jagan's bandwagon.

Sharmila said that people in Vizianagaram are of the opinion that government officials are working for Botsa's family. The Botsa family has four elected members, yet they have done nothing for the town. "You elected four members in Botsa's family. But they ignored your problems," Sharmila told the public. She also said that women in Botsa's constituency complained to her about the problems faced by them.

If Botsa's family had showed even ten per cent of interest they have in making money on addressing public issues, Vizianagaram would have been developed much. Sharmila on Friday also addressed a huge gathering only a few metres away from Botsa's house.

- Siva@sakshipost

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