Botsa apologizes, makes a ‘u-turn’ on gang-rape comment

Botsa  apologizes, makes a ‘u-turn’ on  gang-rape comment - Sakshi Post

When the entire nation is shocked over the gang-rape of a 23-year-old paramedical student in Delhi, our state leaders are finding fault with the victim herself.

PCC chief Botsa Satyanarayana on Monday made controversial comments on the incident.
Making a damaging statement, Botsa said “just because we got freedom at midnight, can we roam on the roads in mid-night.”

He asked the women to look at the reality before condemning his statements.

Talking about the rape incident, he said “ the girl should not have traveled in the private bus in the night."

While condemning the incident on one hand, he started praising Sonia Gandhi on the other for reacting on the incident. Even, the AICC president responded very late on the incident, Botsa said Sonia was great to react on the small problem.

Women’s organizations have out rightly condemned the statements made by Botsa. They said he was not even aware at what time the incident happened. He is treating such a horrific crime as a small problem, an activist from a women’s organisation said.The strong reactions from women’s groups and his party leaders, Botsa soon made amends. He made a statement withdrawing his remarks. He apologised and said that “people have misunderstood my comments so I am withdrawing them”.


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