In the wake of the #metoo movement, many prominent women including journalists and actresses across the world shared their experiences of sexual harassment. Actresses from Hollywood, Bollywood and Tollywood who shared their experience of the casting couch in the industry, were among them. Top actress Vidya Balan shared her experience with respect to the casting couch syndrome which afflicts the film and entertainment industry.

Vidya Balan said that in the early years of her career she encountered this phenomenon. In an interview following the success of “Mission Mangal” in which she stars along Akshay Kumar, Vidya Balan spoke about the casting couch syndrome which she faced in the early stages of her career.

The well-known actress said that in the initial years of her career in Chennai, a director approached her with a storyline. Without narrating the entire story, he said that he would like to accompany her to the room where he would tell the actress the rest of the story. Vidya Balan suggested they go to a coffee shop instead, but he declined. When they finally went to the room in the hotel, he bolted the door and started misbehaving with her. Vidya Balan quickly unlocked the door and angrily asked him to leave.

The actress recalled that when she asked the director to get out, he looked at her from head to toe as if what she did was something strange. Vidya Balan recalled another incident and said that when she met a producer in the early days of her career along with her parents, he asked her whether she was fit to be a heroine, commenting on her looks.

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