Rohit Shetty’s popular Golmaal franchise is all set to come to life in animation for kids on kids entertainment franchise Nickelodeon. After magic toon, Rudra, Nickelodeon has launched its next made in India show with this series. With the addition of Golmaal Junior’s to the Nickelodeon’s line-up, the channel brings bigger and better shows which are full of comedy, fun, laughter and entertainment. First, the magic of iconic Golmaal left the adults spellbound and now the series is set to take over the kids with its junior prank gang.

Golmaal Junior will bring two prank gangs together, who are naughty mischievous and full of life but poles apart. The junior version of Gopal, Madhav, Laxman and Lucky are all set to ensure that kids soon have the time of their life. Sounds interesting isn’t?

Introducing the Prank gang of Laxman, Gopal, Madhav and Lucky in Golmaal Junior.

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