Sunny Leone Swore Never To Watch Adult Film After Her First Exposure To Obscenity 

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Despite the fact that Karenjit Kaur a.k.a Sunny Leone is now the most sought after actress to play lead roles in bollywood films, the tag of a Porn Star continues to be attached to her name. Not just adult film lovers, movie buffs of mainstream cinema too are showing keen interest in watching the biopic titled Karenjit Kaur: The Untold Story of Sunny Leone. It is learnt that Sunny herself has penned down her life history.

She has stated that during her childhood she was not into porn. Her first exposure to adult content aka porn movie was with her brother and a friend after which she was upset. Sunny swore never to see such a film again in front of Guru Nanak Dev's portrait. But life had other plans.

It is indeed interesting to know how Sunny turned into a porn star. The beautiful model became her confident self after winning a beauty contest at local level. Her outer world was bright while conditions back home was bleak. Her father didn't have a job while her Mother had to mortgage her Mangalsutra to make ends meet.

And that was when Sunny Leone took the big step to improve the situation at home. She got an invitation for a bold photoshoot for which she was paid a whopping thousand dollars. Sunny accepted the offer and never looked back afterwards. That's when Karenjit became Sunny.

It was then that she gathered it was pure professionalism and nothing else. She also realised that every job had its dignity. After that, Sunny climbed step by step and finally she reached where she is now with sheer talent. It was then director Mahesh Bhatt who sharpened her acting skills. That's how we got Sunny Leone who got a different identity altogether.

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