Blow by Blow: Srimanthudu

Blow by Blow: Srimanthudu - Sakshi Post

This Friday is Srimanthudu day. Seeking to avenge back-to-back flops, prince Mahesh comes with all guns blazing.

This Koratala Shiva directed movie is released worldwide on 2000 plus screens. Mahesh essays the role of Harsha, son of a rich father, who wants to make change possible. He adopts a village and brings about transformation. The film has shades of Narendra Modi’s Adarsh Gram Yojana, with lot of celluloid elements put in it. Here is a blow-by-blow account of Srimanthudu:

  • Unbelievably delirious scenes as fans go wild watching Mahesh Babu. The mood is celebratory and surreal.
  • Mahesh enters with first song ‘Rama Rama.’ He defies age and looks too young – almost like a college guy.
  • Pretty Shruthi Haasan makes a grand entry. Oh… so beautiful.
  • Jagapathi Babu makes his entry. Looks every inch a rich guy.
  • Some heart-warming scenes between father (Jagapathi Babu) and son (Mahesh Babu). Mahesh looks dapper and Jagapathi Babu looks plucky. The setting is surreal and the dialogues are short, snappy and pithy.
  •  Interesting college scenes, superlative visuals. Mahesh looks great.
  • Villain Sampath enters.
  • The second song Jata Kalise scorches the screen. Crowd erupt once again.
  • The screenplay is tight and taut, Mahesh is superlative and the taking is exquisite, full marks.
  • A small twist in the tale. The film gets slightly serious.
  • The love scenes between Mahesh and Shruti are very good, convincing.
  • Whistles, cat calls, exultations rent the air as the  third song ‘Charuseela Swapla Bala’ unfolds.
  • Another interesting twist.
  • Fourth song Srimanthuda begins. The song has some interesting twists.
  • Time for interval. Our rating is 3.5 out of 5.  The film is tightly made and has no dull moments so far.
  • Srimanthudu song comes back to haunt as the film rebegins after intermission.
  • Time for some rib-tickling comedy between Mahesh Babu and Ali. Mahesh Babu is in his elements doing the comedy scenes.
  • Action begins as Mahesh engages in fiery conversation with villain. His dialogues are short, but power-packed. He has a way with the words and his dialogue delivery is beautifully sublime. He makes simple one-liners look epic every inch.
  • Mahesh Babu tries to inspire the villagers to develop the village and themselves. Shades of Modi’s Adarsh Gram Yojana seen here. Motivational song “Jago Jago” plays out. Capacity crowd goes delirious.
  • Terrific scenes between the protagonist and the antagonist. The film enters into a very interesting phase of melodrama and action. Crowd engrossed in the movie and forget even bat the eyelid.
  • Some relief from tension through the last song ‘Dhimma Thirige’ – an out and out masala song.
  • Fight with villain begins in his adopted village.
  • Mahesh manages to change the heart of the villain. A transformed villain hugs Mahesh Babu. Emotional to the core.
  • Cinema full paisa vasool…. Our rating 4/5.


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