'Blind Koteeshwarudu' donates Rs20 lakh won in Nagarjuna show

'Blind Koteeshwarudu' donates Rs20 lakh won in Nagarjuna show - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: Ravana Sharma, who won the prize money of Rs25 lakh in popular Telugu reality show “Meelo Evaru Koteeshwarudu” hosted by Tollywood actor Nagarjuna on MAA TV, had donated Rs.20lakh for charities.

Ravana Sharma, a visually impaired retired person, had participated in the popular Telugu nightly quiz show Meelo Evaru Koteeshwarudu on MAA TV and cleared upto the 13th question worth Rs. 25lakh. After exhausting all the life lines, Sharma promoted to the next level of Rs. 50 lakh that is 14th question just one level short of becoming a crorepati. However, as he was not confident at the 13th question, Sharma opted to quit the show, though his guessing was proven correct later. He won a prize money of Rs. 25 lakh.

Ravan Sharma, almost a blind person who can see only upto a few centimeters distance, is a resident of Yellareddy village of Nizamabad ditrict in Telangana. He is leading a lonely life with his pension and with his friends help. He was once abandoned by his family members due to his genetic visual impairment and poverty.

However, a selfless Sharma had donated a major part of his prize money. Out of Rs. 20lakh, he deposited Rs. 10 lakh for Hyderabad based NGO - National Association for Blind and Rs. 10 lakh for Sri Vidya Centre for Mentally Retorted Persons. Sharma will get the interest on those funds until his death and thereafter the interest and the principal amount would go to the NGOs.

A generous Ravan Sharma also deposited an amount of Rs.5 lakh on the name of a woman who helped him in his hardships.

Currently, the third season of the top prime time 90-minute quiz show is being hosted by Tollywood actor Nagarjuna produced by MAA TV.

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