BJP voiceless over Chandrababu's voice

BJP voiceless over Chandrababu's voice - Sakshi Post

The BJP, an ally of the TDP is caught in a cleft-stick like situation on the Cash for Votes scam.

Though the party is guarded on the issue, some BJP leaders have gone on record saying the party will protect none on this issue. This is an indirect admission that it would not bail out Chandrababu Naidu.

While all other parties are demanding Babu's resignation on ethical grounds, BJP is playing safe. Till now, BJP neither supported nor criticized Babu's role in 'cash for vote' scam.According to sources, Andhra Pradesh BJP decided not to comment on the issue and stay neutral. But, Health Minister Kamineni Srinivas, a BJP leader, has come out strongly in support of Chandrababu. The other leaders cautious and are keeping mum.

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