BJP ups anti against TDP

BJP ups anti against TDP - Sakshi Post

Are BJP and TDP friends or foes?

Alliance partners in Andhra Pradesh and the Centre, but they seem to be at loggerheads. The war of words seems to be hotting up between the two parties.

Initially it was TDP, which sought to blame the BJP over allocations to the truncated AP. However, its payback time for the BJP now. It has taken on the TDP government over AP capital area land acquisition.

On Monday, BJP national general secretary Muralidhar Rao came out strongly against the forcible land acquisition. He said the BJP does not support the capital construction by putting farmers to troubles.

After Muralidhar Rao, it is the turn of another Chandrababu Naidu-baiter and former minister Kanna Lakshminarayana to take on the TDP. He said the TDP had reneged on the core promises made during the elections. He said the TDP remained silent for months and is now raking up the issue of special status. Even newly elected MLC Somu Veerraju, who is also the party’s national secretary, has come out strongly against the land acquisition and said the party would not back the forced land acquisition.

All these point out that all is not well between the TDP and the BJP in Andhra Pradesh. The issue could further snowball and hit the relations between both the parties, sources say.


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