BJP State President Shocked As Cadre Unanimously Votes Against His Decision

AP state BJP president K. Hari Babu - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: Barely an hour after a press statement announcing the suspension of Vijayawada city BJP president Dasam Umamaheshwar Raju was issued, the BJP cadre assembled in full capacity to oppose this suo motu decision of the BJP state president.

Fault lines once again came to the fore in the Andhra Pradesh BJP leadership and cadre, with the BJP state president’s suo motu decision to suspend its Vijayawada city president Dasam Umamaheshwar Raju on Tuesday.

According to the press release Umamaheshwar Raju was suspended by the BJP state president Kambampati Hari Babu for anti-party activities in the context of a nominated post that Umamaheshwar Raju was vying for.

This did not go down well with the rank and file of the state BJP, who expressed their displeasure by coming to a session immediately and passing two unanimous resolutions. The first was to oppose the decision to suspend Umamaheshwar Raju and the second was to reinstate him as the BJP Vijayawada city president.

They also decided to send these resolutions to the BJP National President Amit Shah.

Umamaheshwar Raju had earlier questioned the leadership’s methods in identifying the person for a nominated post, which he alleged were done in an undemocratic way. The Hari Babu group who wanted to have things their way used his statements as a ruse to suspend him.

With the cadre now openly opposing this decision, Hari Babu’s position seems to be turning uncertain. It remains to be seen how the national leadership will judge the matter.

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