BJP ruled states doing well: Venkaiah Naidu

BJP ruled states doing well: Venkaiah Naidu - Sakshi Post

As L K Advani's comments appreciating the leadership of Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan caused a flutter, senior BJP leader M Venkaiah Naidu today said too much is being read into the comments of the party's patriarch.

Some people are trying to read too much into Advaniji's statement in Gwalior. I do not understand where is the controversy. Advaniji praised Narendra Modi, Advaniji has praised Shivraj Singh Chouhan and when he goes to Chattisgarh, he praises Raman Singh, Naidu told reporters here. He praised even Nitish Kumar and Sushil Modi. Because, our chief ministers are doing an excellent job. BJP-ruled states are doing very well. The planning commission has also accepted this, he said. Taking exception to the reported comments made by Congress leaders and the media reports about the internal differences in BJP, he said there are no differences within the party and that the issue of declaring a leader for ensuing parliamentary elections has not been discussed yet. There is no discussion at any time, at any level about the issue of leadership for the coming parliamentary elections. Unlike Congress, we are a democratic party. People will have their views. Nothing wrong about it. The appropriate forum is parliamentary board and it will meet at an appropriate time and then decide about leader. There is no division whatsoever. There is no civil war. Some people are not able to digest the growing popularity of BJP. It is a campaign started by them. But there is no such division in the party. The party is fully capable of taking a decision, he said. Congress leaders talked about the internal differences in BJP without setting their own house in order, he said. Congress without setting its own house in order talked about BJP. The government is marred by policy paralysis and indecision. In fact, Digvijay Singh (Congress General Secretary) said it is not good to have two power centres. Some Congress leaders want the young leader. If there is a civil war, it is in Congress, Naidu said.




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