BJP MLA ready to kill or get killed over beef festival

BJP MLA ready to kill or get killed over beef festival - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: Even as the beef festival issue is getting controversial by the day, BJP MLA from city has threatened to kill anyone or get killed in the process of resisting cow slaughter.

The Dadri incident in Uttar Pradesh on September 28th which involved the lynching of a man and injuring his son has become the trending debate for the past few months. Initial reports said that a mob suspected that a Muslim family had stored beef in the refrigirator. So, they barged into the house of Mohammad Akhlaq (50), killed him, misbehaved with the women in the family and attacked his son, Danish(22) who suffered fatal injuries. Following this a lot of communal tension was created across the nation and #MurderOverMeal , #BeefBan were trending on social media platforms.

Ten persons have been named as accused along with over a hundred unknown assailants. The FIR was lodged on the basis of a complaint lodged by the victim’s family.

But the flip side of the story reveals that Vinay who was the main accuse of the case had personal disputes with Akhlaq which aren't related to religion. Vinay has been plotting against Akhlaq and finally instigated a group of youths to attack his family, alleging that they were involved in cow slaughter. It was known that Vinay, accompanied by Vishal and Shivam, arrived at the village temple at night, just as the priest, Sukhdas Mahatma, was closing the door. Vinay allegedly asked the priest to announce that a cow had been slaughtered in the village and everyone should assemble near the temple. The priest is reported to have refused to make the announcement, but Vinay allegedly threatened him. The announcement was then made. When the villagers gathered at the temple, Vinay reportedly addressed the crowd and told them that Akhlaq had killed a cow and he should be taught a lesson.

The CBI is yet to probe this case and the exact reason for the lynching isn't known yet. However, this incident had painted a communal scene and a lot of tension has been prevailing ever since.
Many Hindu groups say that it is wrong to eat beef as Hindus worship cow and it would hurt their sentiments. On the contrary, liberal groups say that India is a secular country and no one can be stopped from eating what they want.

Following this, beef was banned by the government in Mahrashtra and several states have found a new way to protest against this ban. Unlike the usual protests, there are no fasts unto death and no buses set on fire. The idea is simple enough - to organize a 'Beef Festival'.

After Maharashtra, Kolkata and Kerala organised beef eating festivals, now Hyderabad which has a major Muslim population is joining the league.

Osmania University in Hyderabad has proposed a beef festival which will be held on December 10th, 2015. The present confrontation has the potential to spill onto the streets and lead to violence on the campus of Osmania University.

Following the announcement members of BJP and Hindu Jan Jagruti Samithi have demanded cancellation of the beef festival. While Raja Singh Lodha , Goshamahal BJP MLA approached the Hyderabad Collector to stop the proposed beef festival on the campus, the students gave a memorandum to Assembly Speaker S. Madhusudanachary demanding the suspension of the MLA.

Speaking to the media, Raja Singh stated that if the beef festival was held, he would turn Hyderabad into another Dadri.

He said, “The beef festival was held earlier too and we had tried to stall it. But at that time my strength was not that much, but this time you will see how I mobilize people to Osmania University to stall the event.”

Criticizing BJP president G. Kishan Reddy for favoring beef festival, he said “In our party meeting, Kishan Reddy said that the party did not have any objection if someone hosted a beef festival; our party is very much for the protection of the cow, but here he says he is for holding the beef festival; I have already written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and our party president Amit Shah giving all these details and demanding the immediate removal of Kishan Reddy from the state party president’s post."

It is known that some students of OU has decided to conduct a pandi kura panduga or pork festival right after the beef festival. An organizer of pork festival in Osmania University said, "Pork is considered a delicacy and is an important part of the diet for many in the country. It is one of the most commonly consumed meat in northeastern part of the country and many Dalits and even people belonging to other castes consume pork. The pork festival does not have any connection with the beef festival in OU or with organizations that are conducting it."

Another student says that people in Hyderabad eat beef mostly because they can afford lamb or mutton which prices much higher than beef. The festival date has not yet been decided but it is expected to be conducted a few days after the beef festival, which is being planned for December 10.

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