Big Blow To Pakistan: Ex-ISI Sleuth Admits Jadhav Was Captured In Iran 

The ICJ had stayed the execution of Jadhav - Sakshi Post

Islamabad: In a tight slap on the face of Pakistan, which has been claiming that Kulbhushan Jadhav was arrested in Baluchistan, Amjad Shoaib, an ex-ISI official has admitted that Kulbhushan Jadhav was captured from Iran.

This negates Pakistan's claims that Jadhav was caught in Pakistan while he was spying.

India has all along maintained that Jadhav was on business in Iran and that Pakistan had kidnapped him from Iran and falsely booked him in an espionage case. This admission by the ex-ISI official is a shot in the arm for India which is arguing a case on Jadhav before the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

Sources say that a decision on whether or not to include the admission by the former ISI official in the arguments would be taken soon. "We will have to consult with the legal team before taking any such decision,"a highly placed source informed.

On May 18, the ICJ had stayed the execution of Jadhav. The final hearing on the matter is yet to commence and a final decision on the case is expected to be out only in August. India had sought a directive to Pakistan to set aside the execution of Jadhav. India had also said that Pakistan had on 16 occasions denied consular access to Jadhav which in itself was contrary to legal provisions.

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