Bifurcation impossible to carry out: Ashok Babu

Bifurcation impossible to carry out: Ashok Babu - Sakshi Post

P Ashok Babu, president of Andhra Pradesh Non-Gazetted Officers Association, on Sunday said that division of the state was not possible in the current circumstances.

He was addressing a gathering of supporters of united Andhra Pradesh at Vuyyuru in Vijayawada. Bifurcation would need a Constitutional amendment, and UPA government did not have the numbers in the Parliament to get it passed, he said.Babu also claimed that Centre's stand was changing in view of the massive agitation against the proposal to carve out the state of Telangana.The Central group of ministers on the issue was in a dilemma, he added.  The Union Ministers from Seemandhra region should put pressure on the GoM at the meeting tomorrow, and stress the importance of keeping the state united, he demanded.
 If they failed in this, they would be defeated in the next elections, he warned.




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