Bid to remove Shoban Babu's statue thwarted

Bid to remove Shoban Babu's statue thwarted - Sakshi Post

Chennai: Evergreen Tollywood actor late Shoban babu’s statue in Chennai is in the eye of the storm yet again as Tamizhar Munnetra Padai (TMP), a fringe outfit, is demanding its removal.

On Monday some members of the outfit were detained by the police at Nazreth Pet in Chennai when they planned to march towards Nelson Manickam Road to ‘remove’ statue located at a private premises.

TMP, which has incorporated the picture of Vellupillai Prabhakaran in its name board, passed a resolution condemning the removal of statue of LTTE leader Prabhakran, besides resolving to remove the statue of the late Telugu actor in Mehta Nagar in the City.

The members of TMP alleged that there was no significant contribution from the late actor to Tamil Nadu.

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