Beware! Attention diversion gangs on the prowl in Hyderabad

Beware! Attention diversion gangs on the prowl in Hyderabad - Sakshi Post

Next time while you are at the bank or any office, if someone tells you that your currency note has slipped out of your pocket, beware. That person could be a member of the attention-diversion gang out to rob you of your hard-earned money.

Attention diversion gangs are on the prowl in the city. Few days ago, a gang snatched the suitcase containing unspecified amount in cash and the passport from the car of Ex-MP Manda Jagannadam by diverting the attention of driver of the car with Rs 10 note. Yesterday, a private employee was robbed in the same way.
According to reports, Satyaram, a private employee had drawn Rs.7 lakh cash from the bank meant to pay salaries of his employees. The incident happened in the busy Ameerpet area in the broad daylight.
Satyaram was about to start his two-wheeler before an unidentified person interrupted him and told him that some Rs 10 notes were lying next to his bike on the road.
When he went to pick up the cash, two culprits fled away with the cash bag which was kept on the bike's fuel tank.
Satyraram immediately lodged  a complaint with the SR Nagar police. A case was registered under section 379/420 of the IPC against the culprit.
The police advise the citizens not to fall prey to attention diversion gangs. The gangs usually target people coming out of the banks after withdrawing huge amounts. The police said the people should be alert and ensure that their money is safe and secure. They say alertness on the part of the citizens is the only panacea for these menace.


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