'Berlin Wall' in secretariat

'Berlin Wall' in secretariat - Sakshi Post

Secretariat employees and regular visitors were shocked to find barricades erected right inside the secretariat.

The barricades erected overnight separated blocks that constituted Telangana secretariat from the blocks of AP secretariat.

A large number of central security force personnel were deployed at the barricades. The decision to physically divide the secretariat was taken by the officials and was implemented post haste.

A large number of employees from both Telangana, who enter the secretariat from the Andhra side, were also put to hardships.

As for the Andhra employees they had tough time reaching the bank, ATMs and the canteen, which were on the Telangana side.

Quite interestingly, the division of the staff and the files is yet to take place. But, the officials have physically separated both the secretariats, reportedly to avoide physical clashes.

Barricades have been arranged between the secretariats of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh overnight in Hyderabad.

- Sakshipost

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