Before You Board Hyderabad Metro Rail, Follow These Instructions!

Commuters are allowed to sit in the seats only if available. Sitting on the floor is strictly prohibited. If found sitting on the floor, you will be fined. - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: The Hyderabad Metro Rail does promise a comfortable journey from November 28 in the city, but there are a few riders which commuters need to know.

1) Commuters are allowed to sit is seats are available, once entered the metro rail compartment. Sitting on the floor is strictly prohibited. If found sitting on the floor, you will be fined.

2) Only luggage weighing 10kg is allowed per person. If you carry beyond 10kg, you need to pay for every single kilogram after 10 kg, but the maximum weight is capped at 40kg per passenger. This apart, the L&T Metro Rail’s guidelines for luggage are clear:
bag — the length should not exceed 60 centimeters, width 45 centimeters, and the height should be below 25 cm.

3) A ticket is no longer valid if not used within 29 minutes of purchase and you have to purchase a fresh ticket again.

4) Metro travelers are not allowed to wait for more than two hours in shopping complexes inside metro. If you stay more than two hours, authorities will fine you. Tokens will have an expiry time of two hours. If you linger in the shopping area, you have to pay a fine. Fine can be paid from smart cards as well. CCTV surveillance heightens the security aspects of metro travel.

5) To regulate heavy crowds at metro stations, Portable Ticket Analyzer (PTA) machines are set up with an operator. Every passenger who enters the platform is liable to be checked by the staff at any point in time and place.

6) Metro stations are divided into three sections — public, private and platform area. People can spend time in public area, while passengers who have purchased the tickets for the journey will be allowed into private and then proceed to platform area.

7) Rules and Metro guidelines are applicable to all passengers even those who own a smart card. A smart card reflects the swipe time at exit points.

8) Flammable goods such as lighters, gas cylinders, kerosine, petrol are strictly prohibited inside the metro rail premises. Sharp objects such as knives are not allowed

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