Baby Born With Intestines Out, Mother Shares Pic To Raise Awareness 

Ava-Rose Nightingale suffered from gastroschisis - Sakshi Post

A newborn from Wales in Britain suffered from a rare condition called gastroschisis which made her intestines to appear outside the body. The baby, Ava-Rose Nightingale, suffered from the condition because her abdominal walls were not formed before her birth. She had to be surgically operated upon to put the intestines back in their place.

Though the surgery was performed in May, Chole Walters, the 21-year-old mother of the baby, shared the picture of the baby now taken to raise awareness about the condition. The picture was clicked barely hours after the baby was born. The condition which the toddler suffered affects one in 3,000 babies The picture shows the baby wrapped up in a cling film so that she doesn’t contract an infection.

The baby after few hours of her birth was taken for surgery and the doctors told the Walters about the risks of surgery. "I was scared to send her away for surgery and did so believing in what the doctors said," said Walters. The baby underwent the surgery for three long hours at Cardiff Heath Hospital and the doctors successfully placed back her organs inside.

Post surgery, the baby was kept on oxygen for seven days and was fed intravenously during this period.

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