Ayuta Chandi Maha Yagam concludes with Mahapurnahuthi

Ayuta Chandi Maha Yagam concludes with Mahapurnahuthi - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: By performning the concluding rituals with ‘Mahapurnahuthi’ under the supervision of the head of Sharada Sringeri Peetham Swami Swaroopananda, Ayuta Chandi Maha Yagam concluded at the Maha Yagashaala at Erravalli on Sunday.

The Yagam was performed by the Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao from December 23. The Mahapurnahuthi was performed by 2,000 rithviks and vedic seers drawn from across the country. To mark the conlusion, the vedic seers offered sacred ash taken from the homam to KCR and his wife Shobha. The ritual includes burning ‘Samidhalu’ (the sacrifice of wood) including a large quantity of pure cow ghee.

Governor ESL Narasimhan had also taken part in Purnahuthi ritual along with his wife.

The Yagam, which has drawn lakhs of people including VIPs, VVIPs, lasted for five days with several vedic rituals and homams and pujas and ended with Mahapurnahuthi.

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