Audience Will Love My Son’s Debut Film: Neelima Azeem

Neelima Azeem  with her son Ishaan Khatter - Sakshi Post

Mumbai: Actress Neelima Azeem, who will be attending the Indian premiere of her son Ishaan Khatter's debut film "Beyond The Clouds" on Monday at the 48th International Film Festival of India, is confident that the audience will love it.

"Beyond The Clouds" is the opening film at IFFI this year. The fest will go on till November 28 in Goa. "'Beyond The Clouds' is an incredible film. (Director) Majid Majidi is an absolute genius. Despite being a foreign filmmaker, he has been able to capture the ethos and the spirit of India so realistically and beautifully," Neelima said in a statement.

"Indian audiences will love this special and miraculous film whose narrative is so unique and audiences most certainly will gain something beautiful as human beings from this cinematic experience. "Watching Ishaan being part of such a special film is a moment of absolute joy for me. I've seen the film but I think it's tough for me to say anything about Ishaan until everyone has seen the film for themselves."

Featuring Ishaan and Malavika Mohanan in the lead roles, the movie celebrates the triumph and adoration of life against a Mumbai backdrop. The film presents an amalgamation of three languages (Hindi, Tamil and English) instead of it being shot and dubbed separately. Each language will form a major part of the film and will be used in the scenes and setups that befit those languages.

Produced by Zee Studios and Namah Pictures, "Beyond The Clouds" is centred around a brother-sister relationship. Malavika's mother Beena will also be present. Malavika said: "I am stoked that my mom will be watching the film with me. Unfortunately, my dad (cinematographer KU Mohanan) is shooting, so he won't be able to make it this time. "But I am glad that he got a chance to see it in London. I am thrilled about my mom's presence and excited to know what she thinks. Her words mean a lot to me."


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