Arrest all guilty in Rishikeswari suicide case: Roja

Arrest all guilty in Rishikeswari suicide case: Roja - Sakshi Post

Expressing serious concern over the ragging incident that has driven an 18-year architecture student to suicide at Acharaya Nagarjuna University (ANU), YSR Congress has said that ever since TDP has come to power caste equations have revived and demanded that all the perpetrators of the crime should arrested immediately to infuse confidence among the girls to pursue their higher education.

“It is disheartening to learn that the repeated complaints by the student Hrishiteswari that she is unable to bear the harassment by the seniors had fell on the deaf ears of the Principal, whose photograph of dancing with girls was widely published later, and the senior girls had taken the student’s semi-nude pictures and circulated to the boys of the ANU which led to the suicide, Party MLA RK Roja told reporters here on Saturday.

There is no account of the sequence of events as to who had first seen the girl body hanging from the ceiling fan, who had put the body down and how the complaint was made. Giving ten days holidays to the ANU was only to cover up the crime and the State not responding in the measure the situation demands clearly shows that it wants to shield the perpetrators of the crime, she said adding that the indifference of Chief Minister and concerned minister only shows that they are not inclined for justice to prevail.

The incident merits a strong action against the principal and the perpetrators of the crime and if the state fails on this count this menace will spread like virus.

The High Court should take up the case suo motu to infuse confidence among the girl student, and people have lost faith in the inquiries being set up by the State, in spite of the suicide note which clearly mentions the reasons for her suicide and the people who have harassed her, she said.

“Even before setting up the inquiry commission on the attack on Tehsiladar Vanajakshi, the cabinet concludes that the official was at fault, in the Pushkaram case as well the cabinet has expressed its opinion to dilute the probe and this inquiry into the death of the ANU student would as well go on similar lines,” she said.


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