Are there fake notes in Revanth's 'cash?'

Are there fake notes in Revanth's 'cash?' - Sakshi Post

Were there some fake currency notes in the Rs 50 lakh that TDP MLA Revanth Reddy gave to TRS MLA Stephenson? Yes, say the tax officials, who have examined the notes.

In a new twist to the sordid Cash for Vote saga, examination of the notes that Revanth Reddy gave, there were fake notes. This only means that the beleaguered TDP leader will have to do more answering.ACB is investigating where the money came from and whether tax was paid for it or not. The authorities are also looking into whether the money was withdrawn from a bank or was it routed through any industrialist.It may be recalled that a Chandrababu acolyte had previously been arrested on charges of circulating fake notes.

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