Are few more terrorists still hiding in Warangal, Nalgonda?

Are few more terrorists still hiding in Warangal, Nalgonda? - Sakshi Post

Two major encounters in two Telugu states ….. on the same day…. !

The cumulative toll is a shockingly high 25, 20 of them red sanders smugglers, and the remaining are dreaded terrorists spawned and sponsored by Pakistan’s ISI!
These two incidents during the past week have shaken the Telugu states off their complacency. Particularly the placid waters of Telangana have experienced a tsunami of sorts when two police personnel were shot dead by the terrorists at Suryapet bus stand. The unsuspecting cops were on their routine checking when the terrorists whipped out their guns and fired at them. On Saturday, there was another encounter at Arvapally in Nalgonda district, in which two terrorists, the SIMI fugitives from Dewas prison in Madhya Pradesh, and a cop were killed. On Tuesday morning, there was another shootout, this time at Alair in Warangal. Dreaded Viqaruddin, who had always been a tough nut to crack for the cops and four of his accomplices tried to flee while being taken from Warangal prison to Hyderabad for a court hearing. They were shot dead.
These dramatically rapid developments show how fast the scene is changing in the Telangana region. There are several key questions that beg for an answer!
Why has the terror temperature soared suddenly in Telangana?
Why did the terrorists, who fired at the cops at Suryapet, remained in Nalgonda district only while leaving the district, though difficult, wasn’t all that impossible?
Did they chose to remain in the district with a view to plan and execute the escape of Viqaruddin and his cohorts?
The police say it is highly likely that their Nalgonda visit was part of the plan to ‘rescue’ Viqar.
The terrorists spent close to 36 hours in Nalgonda district ever after the Suryapet shootout. They could very well have planned their escape, but they chose not to do. Their decision to remain in the district would only imply that they were planning some big bang action. Some top police officials say this decision of the terrorists had shook them off their complacency and made them sit and think. This alertness promptly paid off in the form of Arvapally encounter. “Viqaruddin’s escape attempt has only confirmed our worst suspicion,” said a police officer.
The police officials feel that there could be few more terrorists hiding in Warangal-Nalgonda area.
What is disconcerting is the fact that the Telangana state, which remained cool post general elections, is beginning to hot up. The latest incidents are a throw back into the days when DJS, SIMI and Indian Mujahideen wreaked havoc.
The encounter in Seshachalam forests in which 20 red sanders smugglers were killed has shocked Andhra Pradesh. The carefully planned ambush by the police has helped the temperature shot up suddenly. The encounter site is pretty close to the Tirumala Hills. This perhaps is the first time when 20 smugglers were put to death. Sources say the state Government had taken a strong view of the repeated incidents of red sanders smuggling and wanted to defeat the designs fare and square.
Will there be few more encounters? Will there be planned terror attacks? Will there be more audacious escape plans? Are the Telugu states going back to the pre-2000 days, when terror ruled the roost?
The answers to these questions are ensconced deep inside future’s inscrutably complex belly. One has to wait for the time to reveal the answers.
-S Gopinath Reddy

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