Appatlo Okadundevadu: A Befitting Relaunch For Nara Rohith  

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Periodic action drama Appatlo Okadundevadu came out very well. Hero Nara Rohith himself presented the movie which has an equally powerful second hero played by Sri Vishnu.

Director Sagar K. Chandra created an appropriate atmosphere for the political conditions of the 1990s. Nara Rohith, who is very particular about choosing his roles, not only presented the movie, but also announced that it was his fresh launch as a hero.


Railway Raju (Sri Vishnu) is just like an ordinary youngster whose world confined to mother, friends and cricket. All his dream is to get a place in a Ranji team and on that basis to get a government job in sports quota. He falls in love with neighborhood girl Nitya (Tanya Hope) and life is just normal for him.

Encounter specialist police officer Imtiyaz Ali (Nara Rohith) is investigating the case of Ahalya who had gone underground after marrying another naxalite Savyasachi. Imtiyaz calls Raju for interrogation as Ahalya is his sister. Neither Raju not his family was aware of her, but the police officer wouldn't believe. Imtiyaz starts chasing Raju and aborts his dream of getting into the Ranji team. Meanwhile, Raju's lover Nitya was abducted by a rowdy. A disturbed Raju kills the rowdy and goes to jail. And he comes to know that his sister Ahalya was dead.

The ordinary youngster now transforms into a hardcore criminal. After coming out on bail with the help of an industrialist, Raju becomes a full-fledged criminal, and even gets Imtiyaz suspended.

As Raju's underworld keeps on expanding, Imtiyaz is reinstated and he starts dismantling Raju's underworld.


Though the movie was promoted with Nara Rohith as hero, main story revolves around Sri Vishnu. Rohith performed well in the role of a sincere and powerful police officer. His base voice and looks were appropriate for the role. Sri Vishnu performed excellent in various phases of his role - an ordinary youngster transformed into a rebel. His performance was even better in emotional scenes. Tanya as heroine is okay. Brahmaji, Prabhas Srinu did a good job.

Director Sagar K. Chandra showcased his talent with the movie and made a name for himself in the periodic genre. Though the narration is slow in the beginning, it picks up momentum and makes audience sit till the end. Suresh Bobbili's background music elevates the taking. Cinematography, editing, production values are of highly professional standards.

A gripping action drama, Appatlo Okadundevadu gets 3.5 Star from us, but the audience may even give little more.

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