AP techie booked in US for groping!

AP techie booked in US for groping! - Sakshi Post

  Looks like Andhra Pradesh is in the news abroad for all the wrong reasons. First, it was the Hyderabad couple in Norway who were jailed for child abuse. And this time around, it's a techie from the state.

Erramilli S. Srinivasa, a software engineer from Andhra Pradesh has been convicted of a sexual offence in the United States. This means a maximum of two years in prison.
A Chicago court convicted Srinivas for “making unwanted sexual contact” with a co-passenger on a flight.
And this isn't the first time, Srinivasa was caught doing such an offence. His name
already appears in the sexual offenders' registry in Illinois as he was involved in similar offence twice before.
Srinivasa, who has a wife and two daughters hails from Godavari district.
On a flight from Las Vegas to Chicago on June 14, 2011, Srinivasa was seated between the woman and her husband.
The woman testified in court that he groped her thrice during the flight. She slapped him and shouted at him to take his hands off her.
The flight attendants and other passengers testified to this.
Srinivasa pleaded not guilty on November 4 before a US district judge, saying that it happened accidentally.
The court convicted him, but he was set free on a bond and his sentence will be announced on April 26, 2013. He faces a maximum punishment of two years in prison, a fine of $2.5 lakh and will be deported to India after the prison term.
Techie Srinivas is a habitual offender. He was accused of harassing a woman on a flight from Detroit to Chicago in 1999.
In a plea bargain in 2000, he was given a light sentence of five days of community service and two years of court supervision.
In another case, in 2002, Srinivasa was sentenced by a Detroit federal court to three years probation after he was convicted of abusive sexual contact aboard a flight from San Jose in California to Detroit.




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