AP Ministers ‘Vexed’, Naidu ‘Impatient ‘

AP cabinet meetings are getting longer and longer  - Sakshi Post

What is the biggest worry for the ministers in the Telugu Desam Government of Andhra Pradesh? It's their leader Chandrababu Naidu of course. Highly placed sources say that the ministers are vexed with Chandrababu Naidu's harangues.

The CM of late has become very impatient and loses his cool at the drop of the hat. In the party and cabinet meetings, he has been showing his anger on them for not being able to effectively counter the opposition. He is said to be reprimanding them for remaining silent when the Opposition is attacking them. He is also sore that most ministers are not working to strengthen the party organisation. He is also reportedly to be cut up with them for not attending the TV debates, which provide an effective platform to present the government viewpoint.

Insiders say that many senior leaders are deeply unhappy with all this. The buzz in the political circles is that Naidu is losing his cool more often and the ministers are increasingly finding the marathon meetings difficult to handle.

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