AP Govt to forcibly acquire lands in Capital region

AP Govt to forcibly acquire lands in Capital region - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: The TDP-led Andhra Pradesh gvernment is preparing to resort to forcible land acquisition tactics to force farmers out of their lands in the AP capital region of Amaravathi. The modalities for this are being currently worked out.

In its first phase, the government will acquire about 300 acres from the 30 families in Tulluru mandal. These farmers had earlier refused to part with their land under the land-pooling scheme.

The AP government will use the 2013 Land Acquisition Act and will shortly issue a notification in this regard.

In the second phase, 900 acres from Undavalli, Penumaka and Bethapudi will be acquired. A total of 2159 acres will be acquired, Agriculture Minister Prattipati Pullarao said. Another 1300 acres that are to be acquired are under assigned lands and forest land categories, he said.

Speaking in this context, Pullarao said that it was because the farmers had refused to pool in their land that the government was forced to acquire the lands this way”.
He said that the land-pooling scheme was available to the farmers even now but if they refuse, then the government will be forced to employ the Land Acquisition Act.

33,600 acres have already been gathered through the land-pooling scheme.

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