AP Govt leans heavily on the opposition for its survival

AP Govt leans heavily on the opposition for its survival - Sakshi Post

The CM does not seem to care even if MPs and MLAs are leaving the party and the Govt is in the minority. He does not hesitate to dismiss the ministers, nor bothers if the dissidence in the party is on the rise.


He has the guarantee that Chandra Babu Naidu would render cover support to see that the Govt does not fall.

Dissidence and dissatisfaction is on the rise in the State Congress. There is infighting between the CM and some of the Ministers in the Cabinet. The Congress Govt in AP is in deep trouble.  Yet no one, neither the CM nor the leaders in the Party are worried. They are confident that nothing will happen to the Govt. Even the High Command seems to be taking these developments with a pinch of salt. The reason is quite clear. They are backed by Chandrababu Naidu and hence nothing can happen to their Govt.

The Assembly sessions start on June 10th. Usually, the Govt tries to rope in friendly parties, and takes all necessary steps to mitigate dissidence. But strangely, Kiran has become more aggressive, towards those who differ with him in the cabinet.

The bickering between the CM and the Deputy CM, Damodara Raj Narasimha, PCC President Bothsa, and senior Minister Jana Reddy, has reached a higher pitch. There is a threat to two more ministers, that they might be dismissed along with DL Ravindra Reddy. CM also appears to be getting ready to axe the minister for Endowments C. Ramachandraiah who is close to the Central Minister Chiranjeevi.  But weirdly, nothing appears to disturb the composure of either the CM or the Party High Command.


Chandra Babu Naidu had come to the rescue of the Congress Govt twice so far, and now the High Command asks the State Govt to follow his directions. He advised the speaker to disqualify 18 MLAs who defied the party whip in March, before the Assembly started.  That way the opposition to the Govt will be mitigated to some extent, he pointed out

There is no mystery behind Chandra Babu Naidu’s silence on the Govt’s measures that are vexing the common people like the steep rise in food prices, and heavy electricity bills. His co-operation with the Congress has brought him a bonanza. There are serious cases against him like the Emmar case and also the case involving him selling away highly priced land to the IMG at throw away prices. It seems like the Govt is going to protect him by not allowing the CBI to take up the cases and Babu will see that the Govt is not toppled.






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