‘Anesthesia overdose killed my 9-year-old son’

‘Anesthesia overdose killed my 9-year-old son’ - Sakshi Post

A 9-year-old student studying in Glendale Academy International School in Sun City, Hyderabad died on January 27 while undergoing treatment at the hospital after undergoing a surgery for a minor cut on his hand.

Hardik Jena got hurt while playing in the school. He was given immediate first aid and was rushed to Olive hospital by the teaching faculty.
On being informed about the accident, parents rushed to the hospital and were told that Hardik would need a surgery. Though they initially hesitated as it was a minor cut, they later gave in.

Ashish Jena, Hardik's father said “After undergoing a minor surgery around 7:30 pm that day, my son's condition started deteriorating, and he was later shifted to ICU. We were not allowed to see him as he was already in danger by that time. Our son died later. This was a case of negligence of the doctors and the hospital authorities. No one was there to attend to our son for 10 hours after admission to the ICU and I strongly feel that my son breathed his last while undergoing treatment and the hospital authorities were just pretending that he is alive.”

Father says that the child was healthy, but only after the overdose of anesthesia and medical negligence, the child’s health deteriorated.

Ashish further said, “I should have taken my son to some other hospital which at least doesn't kill people for money but unfortunately I couldn't do that and it is our bad luck that we lost our only son due to negligence of the doctors.”

The immediate report said that the death was due to cardiac arrest post anesthesia. Parents filed an FIR against the hospital for medical negligence and are awaiting the post mortem reports.

Md. Jaheed, Sub-Inspector said, “As soon as the postmortem report comes from Osmania Hospital, we will send the reports to AIIMS, Delhi for further investigation of the case.”

Ashish said, “After the tragic incident, the hospital asked us to pay around Rs 1,78,000 which I clearly refused as it’s an open fraud and I only paid Rs 3000. Earlier they pressurized us to pay the bill but after we lodged a complaint against them, they wanted to escape and settle the matter.”

He added, “This hospital only charges bills for killing people, we will take pursue the case against the hospital and doctors who are responsible for my son's death. We are just waiting for the postmortem report and then we are also planning to file a case against the hospital.”

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