Vizag Gas Leak Updates : All 300 Patients Recover, Discharged From Hospitals

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VISAKHAPATNAM: All the patients affected by the styrene gas, which leaked from the LG Polymer plant have completely recovered and discharged from various hospitals they were being treated. Doctors conducted medical tests and discharged all of them on Wednesday and Thursday. A total of 300 patients were given a cheque of Rs one lakh each before being discharged from the hospitals in Visakhapatnam.

As per reports, 21 out of the 321 patients admitted to King George Hospital were sent home within two days after they were treated. Out of the remaining 300 patients, 287 were discharged on Wednesday

Officials have set up rehabilitation centres in Gopalapatnam for those Vizag Gas Leak Victims who were still in fear of going back to their villages. Arrangements have been made to ferry those who were discharged in special buses.

On Wednesday night, 180 people had gone to the rehabilitation centres, while the remaining 107 patients had gone home in their own vehicles. The other 13 were discharged on Thursday and officials moved them to the rehabilitation centre by the bus.

There are now only 42 people in the rehabilitation centres and all residues of styrene gas have been completely cleared in the villages.

KGH Superintendant Arjuna said that ''As on Thursday all the victims who were affected by the gas have been discharged. Anyone who has any minor health problems will be treated in the medical camps set up in the villages. Those who were previously discharged earlier can come directly to KGH for treatment,'' he said.

At least 12 people, including a child, died on May 7 after toxic styrene gas leaked from the LG Polymers chemical plant at RR Venkatapuram near Visakhapatnam. The gas which leaked in the early hours of the morning, reportedly spread over a radius of about 3 km, affecting at least five villages.

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