AP Poultry Industry Picks Up, Chicken Prices Skyrocket

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EAST GODAVARI: The poultry industry is slowly picking up pace in the district after it suffered a setback in the ending of March due to the coronavirus crisis. With the Andhra Pradesh government's efforts to benefit farmers in the case of agriculture and the allied sectors, has once again boosted the poultry sector.As per latest reports the prices of chicken has shot up in the market on Sunday.

There were widespread misconceptions that eating meat would cause diseases during the pandemic and the effect of lockdown caused serious problems for the industry.

Broiler and layer chicken, which fell to their lowest level in the second week of March, are now skyrocketing. The broiler live was priced at Rs. 130 a KG and layer chicken was priced at Rs.85 a KG. The retail price of broiler meat ranges from Rs. 220 to Rs.240.

Layer meat costing Rs.200 has been a record of sorts when compared to last year. Last year March, the broiler live price was at Rs.16 per KG and the retail price was Rs.38 per KG. The layer meat price has dropped by Rs. 10 and there were instances where farmers even distributed chickens for free.

Poultry farmers were facing a tough situation due to the lack of exports during the lockdown and the non-availability of poultry feed.

The state government initiated many steps to safeguard farm-based industries. They allowed approval of exports and allowed the sale of feed, which led to the revival of the industry. Though the increase in chicken and meat prices is a burden to consumers, this has come as boon for farmers who were struggling with a series of issues that had affected them.

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