AP: Sub-Registrar Offices Reopened  From Today With Token System

Sub-Registrar Offices Opened In AP From Today - Sakshi Post

AMARAVATI: Andhra Pradesh state government has re-opened Sub-Registrar Offices (SROs) in all the orange and green zones from today, May 5. As part of this, the state government has issued orders to all the staff working in the registration offices to resume duties from Tuesday. People can now register their documents in Sub-Registrar Offices from today.

To avoid crowds gathering at the SROs, the government has also advised the officials to issue tokens to people with different time slots for the registration process. Officials were also instructed to use disinfectants wherever needed including the biometric equipment.

Sub-Registrar officials were instructed to carry out their operations by following all precautionary measures like social distancing, wearing masks, sanitisation and that even visitors should follow the precautions.

The Central government had earlier issued guidelines on Sunday night to all the states to ease the lockdown restrictions in Red, Orange and Green Zones. Accordingly, all state governments have issued orders to the government offices instructing employees to get back to their duties in the Red, Orange and Green Zones across the state.

The employees of Andhra Pradesh Secretariat have also resumed work by following precautionary measures from today. One-third of the staff will work in all the government offices in green and orange zones of the state, including the Secretariat.

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