COVID-19: AP Govt Serves Immunity-Boosting Diet To Patients In Quarantine

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AMARAVATI: Andhra Pradesh state government is taking utmost care while serving immunity-boosting foods to COVID-19 patients kept in quarantine centres. Medical officials have planned a protein rich diet to all COVID-19 patients to boost the immune system of coronavirus affected persons.

As the virus doesn't have any vaccine for cure, intake of quality and nutritious diet increases the immunity of the COVID-19 patients and helps them to recover faster. Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has taken large-scale measures to boost immunity not only in COVID-19 patients but also suspected patients of coronavirus.

The state government is providing foods which are rich in proteins and vitamins. Fruits like oranges, bananas, along with dry fruits including almonds, cashews nuts, dates and pistachios were being provided to COVID-19 patients. Along with these boiled eggs were also being served to those in quarantine centres. Government is allocating Rs.500 per day for the diet of each patient.

Patients are being discharged from the hospital with quick recovery rate in the state. The discharge rate was at 27.55 per cent in the state, which is higher than the country's average of 26 per cent.

In Vijayawada district, around 824 COVID-19 patients who were being treated at the Pinnamani Siddhartha Hospital and AYUSH Hospital and other quarantine centres are being provided with nutritious food. In addition, 50 people who were working in the Virology Lab at Siddhartha Medical College were also provided with quality meals.

State government has handed over the food supply contract to Vijay Marie and Pranitha self help groups in the district. Dieticians on a contract basis were providing meals to those who are being treated at Vijayawada Government Hospital.

COVID-19 Patient's Menu:

Morning: Patients are given 2 Idlies + 2 Wadas , Wheat Daliya Upma + 2Mysore Bajjis, Rava or Sooji Upma + 2 Puris, Tomato Bath + 2Punugus. This menu is served on alternate days.

Afternoon: Boiled Egg, Sweet, Flavoured Rice, Dal, Gravy Curry, Vegetable Fry, Chutney, White Rice, Sambar Rice and Yogurt Rice.

Evening: Fruits, 100 gms of Almonds, Cashews, Pistachios, Raisins, along with Savoury Snacks like 'Chegodi' and mixture.

Night: Dal, Gravy Curry, Sambar and White rice.

Apart from providing quality meals for those in isolation, a towel, a bucket, a mug, soap, soap and shaving kits (for men),are being provided.

The AP State government is also giving a shirt and Rs 2,000 to the patients after their complete recovery during the time of discharge.

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