Lockdown ‘Escapade’: Two COVID-19 Suspects Flee Quarantine In AP

Two People Escapes From Quarantine Centre In Andhra Pradesh - Sakshi Post

MYLAVARAM: The ongoing lockdown is presenting hardships of people in two different shades. While one shows how people are struggling to stay indoors going through a forced imprisonment-like situation, there are a few other less fortunate souls, who are struggling to deal with the tight quarantine regulations. A few of them are \turning crazy in their desperate bid to break free from the quarantine restrictions. In one such bizarre incident in Andhra Pradesh, two persons escaped from a quarantine centre in Mylavaram village of Krishna district on Thursday, April 23.

Named Venkateswara Rao (33) and Narasamma (30), the two runaway COVID-19 suspects were sent for quarantine about four days ago. This was after the authorities were alerted about the two coming down to their relatives’ house in Mylavaram, in complete violation of the lockdown restrictions. Following which, the officials put them through medical tests and shifted the duo to the local quarantine centre as a precautionary measure.

But unable to reconcile to the reality, the two began feeling like being in jail at the quarantine centre. As they became desperate to get out this forced confinement, they hit upon an idea that only inmates of a prison can think of.

As it turned out, the duo fled the quarantine centre by breaking open the lock of the facility’s back gate on Thursday. The local police have registered a case against them for violating the quarantine rules and launched a manhunt for them. The police later found out that the two have somehow managed to reach Kodada town following their escape from the quarantine centre in Mylavaram.

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