Bears Spotted on Tirumala Streets, Video Goes Viral

Bears Spotted on Tirumala Streets - Sakshi Post

TIRUPATI: The Tirumala Tirupati temple which is almost never found empty now bears a deserted look, as everyone is right now staying at their houses, keeping themselves safe from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. With the place having minimal to nill human interaction, animals have taken over the roads. They are now found walking around and are not bothered with human interruptions. They have made the ghat roads their own. When they have the ghats to themselves why not the roads? This is only a possibility due to the lockdown that was imposed by Narendra Modi to curtail the spread of the novel Coronavirus. The lack of people in the temple city is a stark contrast to how crowded the place usually is. People who reside in the places nearby say they were lucky to spot deers and leopards as well, taking strolls up and down the ghat roads.

In the video, you can see the bears looking left and right, and then crossing the streets. This video has gone viral on social media platforms. Many animal lovers expressed joy in sighting these animals coming out of their natural habitats to take a look at ours, in the temple city.

People who live on the hillsides have also confined themselves to their homes due to the lockdown. However, the residents of Tirumala is worried about these frequent visits from animals and demands the TTD board to take special measures to ensure the safety of the people who live on the hills.

TTD has extended the suspension of the Srivari darshan at Lord Venkateswara temple, until May 3.

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