AP: 300 Attend Religious Meeting In Delhi, 8 Tested Positive Till Now

FIle Image of Prakasam Collector Bhaskar - Sakshi Post

PRAKASAM: Prakasam district collector Bhaskar said that around 280 to 300 people from Andhra Pradesh had attended the religious meeting at Markaz in Nizammuddin area of Delhi. This meeting happened during second week of March. Speaking to the media on Tuesday, the Collector said that out of the estimated 300, the state government has located 132 people, and are having their samples sent to various laboratories in the Telugu state for testing. Of the 96 samples, 8 were found to be positive for coronavirus.

Speaking further, the collector added that special cantonment task operations have been set up in areas where positive cases have been registered. He said that reports from Markapuram and Ongole are yet to come.

Bhaskar said, "We have identified the three trains that have traveled all week, and the cities of Kandukur, Kanigiri and Markapur have been declared as risk zones. KIMS and Sanghamitta in Ongole, have now become the district headquarters. They have been taken over by the state government in view of increasing coronavirus cases in the state,” he said.

The Collector also said that the state government has identified most of the people who came in contact with these 300 people and are testing their samples as well. He said that a lodge was taken to provide accommodation for doctors and medical staff in the district. One quarantine ward for each of the 12 constituencies, are being set up by the government, he added.

"The government has appointed a medical officers for each quarantine ward and are constantly monitoring the situation by coordinating with the police, revenue and Medical Departments in the zonal level," he said.

He asked the people not to panic over the spread of COVID-19 virus, and assured that people shouldn't worry about their essentials. Collector concluded by stating that the government will offer treatment to all those who had been to Delhi, if they voluntarily get the tests and required treatment.

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