VIJAYAWADA: The Andhra Pradesh Brahmin Welfare Corporation has decided to introduce a new scheme to provide financial assistance of up to Rs 15,000 for supporting the thread ceremonies of poor Brahmin boys.

The Brahmin Welfare Corporation is making efforts to launch the scheme from the new fiscal year, effective from April 1. As part of the scheme poor Brahmin boys aged between 7 and 16 years will be given this financial support for them to undergo sacred thread ceremony.

Meanwhile the Brahmin Corporation is receiving applications from eligible beneficiaries who want to pursue higher studies abroad. The scheme which is called 'Bharati' scheme, envisages to provide financial assistance ranging from Rs 5 lakhs to Rs 10 lakhs for young Brahmin students studying abroad.

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Applications will be accepted online through the Corporation web portal until February 29. The scheme is applicable for youth whose family income is less than Rs 6 lakh per annum. Those who have already received one instalment of payment are not eligible to apply for this scheme. Only those who have got admission to study for a master's degree in foreign universities can apply for this scheme.

Officials have stated that the Brahmin Corporation is implementing various schemes in the current fiscal year at a cost of Rs.100 Crores. So far, 22,056 beneficiaries have been identified under Vedavyasa, Gayatri, Kalyanamstu, Garuda and Bharathi schemes. Steps have been taken to provide financial assistance to these beneficiaries. Apart from this, more than 15,000 beneficiaries were receiving pension ,theCorporation officials said.

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