POLAVARAM: Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is set to visit Polavaram project site on Friday for the second time after taking charge as CM of the State. As per the CM’s office he will leave his residence at Tadepalli around 9:30 am and will conduct an aerial survey of the project site before inspecting the project between 11 am and 12:30 pm. He will hold a review meeting with the Water Resources department officials at the project site and and take stock of the progress of construction works and would also discuss issues related to land acquisition, rehabilitation packages for the displaced villagers etc.

As the Polavaram Project work progresses at a fast pace, nearly 5000 workers are working day and night, under the guidance of experts and engineers using heavy sophisticated technology to complete 3.07 lakh cubic meters of concrete work in a record span of 7-8 months.

Taking a cue from the determination of Andhra Pradesh State Government, Megha Engineering Infrastructure Limited (MEIL) is placing all its resources and energy on this mega multipurpose project on the Godavari River. Started more than a decade ago, the project work initially moved at a snail pace, unable to maintain the requisite speed for scheduled completion of the project.

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Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is very keen on completing this project at a much faster pace. The intention is to stop the drain of Godavari water and help the farmers to get more irrigation water in the shortest possible time. Accordingly, the Chief Minister is regularly monitoring the project work.

He is planning to visit the project site on 27th February to personally observe the progress and provide needed guidance to bring further momentum to ongoing work.

A. Sathish Babu, General Manager, MEIL said, "Project work has now reached a critical stage as it is intended to complete the work related to the main reservoir including the Spillway, Earth cum Rockfill Dam by 2021 Kharif season. MEIL has designed a work plan with specific milestones for these tasks as per the target given by the Chief Minister. If all goes on well as the plan, we would be able to complete the targeted work by June 2021. Tasks related to 53 blocks of Spillway are more critical among them; MEIL has placed sophisticated modern technology and required engineering manpower to complete the task at scheduled time. Required arrangements were also made to complete the earth and concrete work as per monthly targets."

Once completed, the Polavaram Project would provide irrigation for 1.30 Lakh acres in East and West Godavari Districts and it would divert 80 TMCs of Krishna water and stabilize 13 Lakh acres of Ayacut in Delta Area during Rabi season, apart from providing irrigation to 1.60 Lakh acres through Left Canal. The project would also provide 23.44 TMCs of drinking water to Vishakhapatnam city.

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