APSRTC: Vijayawada Gets New App For Ticketless Travel

APSRTC Vice Chairman and MD Madireddy Pratap launched the Chalo Mobile App - Sakshi Post

VIJAYAWADA: Andhra Pradesh State Road Transportation Corporation (APSRTC) has launched a new service for cashless travel in the state-run buses in Vijayawada. The RTC officials launched a pilot project for live tracking of their bus & cashless travel in RTC buses on Wednesday.

APSRTC Vice Chairman and MD Madireddy Pratap launched the Chalo Mobile App, which will be extremely useful for more than 2.5 lakh travellers in the place. As part of this RTC has also introduced smart cards available in addition to the Chalo app.

APSRTC MD Pratap said smart cards could be used through the TIM mission. Speaking during the launch, Pratap spoke about the advantages of using the Chalo App, which enables travellers to save time. It is mostly useful for people who use public transportation regularly.

Talking about its benefits, he said that the cashless transactions feature would save people from keeping small change in their pockets.

The smart card feature will enable a smooth ride wherever they choose to go. The app will also help you track buses live and will tell you what time your bus will reach your stop, thus reducing wait time at the bus stop.

The app would also have options like – find the cheapest and fastest trip, bus route options, safety features and in-turn will also help reduce traffic congestion in the city.

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